Microdium POC Request Form

FOR POC Request
  • Microdium offers POC Services to Customers who have seen the demo and proposal and ready to buy. Proof of Concept is to install the selected software in customers actual network to proof the functionality of the software. POC can be free or chargeable depending on complexity and location of POC. Please submit this form to apply for a POC and we will revert with details.
  • Requester Details

  • Product Details

  • What is the Criteria for POC to Pass. Please elaborate what Customer wants to prove.
  • Describe in Detail Customer Setup, Server Specs where POC will be carried out
  • Company name where POC will be carried out
  • Since POC will be conducted at Customers site we require full information of customer.
    Since POC requires Technical Resources it must be clear to the requester to agree to statements below
  • General Assumptions
    1.Customer must provide all the relevant information to Microdium in the context of this POC

    2.All the services will be provided on prior scheduled dates. If our engineer arrives at location for installation and environment is not ready and installation and configuration cannot be carried out.

    From the date of arrival RM 1500.00 per day waiting charge will be imposed until system is ready for installation. the engineer will arrive to the site on confirmation from customer once the site ready

    3. All the required Licensed Software and Hardware are to be supplied by the customer unless specifically quoted by Microdium

    Customer Responsibilities
    1. To ensure the systems are patched to correct level and readiness of the site in all aspects.
    2. To provide a single point of contact for reporting per site.
    3. To have all precautions such as to backup systems and safeguard against any accidental loss of data. Microdium is not responsible and liable for loss of data or computer programs.
    4. All necessary IT personnel for Security and Network should be on standby during POC date.

    1. The scope of work does not include installation configuring of Operating System, Server/Tape storage or Network at Customers Site

This form is provided as is and use of this form is in accordance with our terms of service

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