ChakraSuria Credential Form

  • I agree that the Hosting or Domain Credentials need to be kept confidential and not disclosed to any 3rd party outside the Client Organization.

    I acknowledged that administrative access (or root access) will allow me to change every aspects of my server, and fully aware that bad or ill actions may affect my server functionalities and resulting in server inoperable and unrecoverable. By obtaining administrative login from VXS CHAKRA SURIA SDN BHD, I agree to bear full responsibilities to keep my server and all its software components always up to latest date, and ensure it is properly secured to prevent all potential threats
    and security issues.

    I hereby agree to take over administrative control of my server and change my current server management plan from Fully Managed to Self-Managed, and keep my server’s administrative login details safely

  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.
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